The Flavor Text Podcast Episode Five - A Brass Mind in Twilight Haven

Join Brandon and Joseph as they hash out recent plays, including the fantastic Wingspan, then tackle their favorite games of 2018! If that's not enough, they also remember their favorite 2017 games that they played in 2018! How's that for CONTENT?!?

0:00:00 - Intro

0:5:26 - Recent Plays - including Wingspan and Eastern Wonders!

0:27:40 - Our Best Games of 2018!

0:37:08- Our Favorite 2017 that We Played in 2018!

The Flavor Text Podcast Episode Four - Emerging Immersion

The Holidays are here! In this episode, Bales and Jett discuss the new hotness of Teotihuacan: City of Gods and KeyForge, holiday gaming, and the interplay of emergent and defined storytelling in boardgaming! Happy 2019, y’all!

The Flavor Text Podcast Episode Three - The Legacy of Legacies